GRÄNNA, Grenna Campus
onsdag, 17 augusti 2022 kl:10:00

Chris Jones’ soulful singing, solid guitar skills, and impressive versatility have earned him the respect of some of the best musicians in the world, and he has performed and recorded with the Chieftains, Earl Scruggs, Vassar Clements, and Tom T. Hall. Chris has appeared on the the Grand Ole Opry with Laurie Lewis, Lynn Morris, and the Whitstein Brothers, and began his career with bands as varied as Special Consensus, Dave Evans, and Weary Hearts.
With his warm sense of humor and deep knowledge of country and bluegrass music history, Chris is also a popular and award-winning host on SiriusXM’s Bluegrass Junction and Willie’s Roadhouse channels, making him one of the most widely heard broadcasting voices in bluegrass. And in his spare time, he writes a hilarious weekly column for Bluegrass Today.

For the guitar class, well be reviewing some basic bluegrass rhythm (something we all need from time to time) and also learning some more advanced rhythm techniques, like learning some new bass runs, adding more dynamics to our playing, and learning to play the traditional G-run and its variations.
Well also learn some basic lead guitar, with an emphasis on learning breaks to songs, beginning with simple turn-arounds to a variety of songs, then moving on to some full-length solos if it seems like the class is ready.
There will be some tablature provided, but knowledge of tab is not necessary for the class; Ill be stressing learning by ear. Audio recording of the class is fine with me. Other than that, bring a guitar, pick and a capo. A guitar strap would be good too, in case someone steals our chairs in the middle of the night. See you soon!
/ Chris Jones

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onsdag, 17 augusti 2022 kl: 10:00


GRÄNNA, Grenna Campus

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