The Abyss Festival 2022, Nov. 4th-5th


Gothenburg Film Studios
fredag, 4 november 2022 kl:14:00

Sweden’s premier traditional heavy metal bar The Abyss, in Gothenburg, is thrilled to officially invite you to The Abyss Festival 2022.
Taking place at Gothenburg Film Studios on the 4th-5th November, 2022, this years event is set to be an estimated 1,500-2,000 people.
With two stages, professional personnel, tattoo artists and vendors of all kinds, The Abyss Underground Festival 2022 aims to provide the experience of the year for Die-Hard fans of the metal underground.
The lineup for this year’s fest has been selected in accordance with The Abyss’ mandate of preserving and showcasing the best bands in the global underground scene.
All bands have been chosen because they represent the timeless values of heavy metal throughout the decades.
Final line up 2022: Triumph of Death (Hellhammer), Nifelheim, Watain, Whiplash, Razor, Samael (Old School Set) Mortuary Drape, RAM, Gehennah, Flames, Dark Quartarer, Marquise de Sade, Obliteration, Natur, Sacreligia, Vircolac, Lethal Steel.
We welcome you to The Abyss Festival 2022.

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fredag, 4 november 2022 kl: 14:00


Göteborg, Gothenburg Film Studios

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