Guided Tours On The Ship Gothenburg

Ostindiefararen på Eriksberg

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The East Indiaman Götheborg is one of the world s largest sailing wooden ship and a copy of the East Indiaman that in 1745, on its way home from China, ran aground and sank just outside Gothenburg
harbor. After her historic voyage to China and back 2005-2007 she has made a handful of expeditions and visited over thirty cities around Europe. In summer 2010 she participated including celebrations of Crown Princess Victoria s wedding.

Come and listen to these great adventures! Our guides in period costumes will show you around the ship and takes you on a journey through time and space. All guides have sailed with the ship during one of her expeditions, they know how it is to be awakened by the watch leader in the middle of the night for a new shift on the weather deck, have experience of climbing high up in the rigg and knows better than anyone how it is to sail the world s largest sailing ship.

A guided tour is divided into two parts - the story of the Swedish East India Company activities in the 1700s and partly on current construction, maintenance and expeditions with the ship. The tour is scheduled to take about 40 minutes. Then there is the opportunity to buy souvenirs in the shop.

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