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Klubb Effekt – The Big Bang


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Step into summer with a bang! Klubb Effekt got this mini-festival set up for you starting in the open air where you get to enjoy yourself in the sunshine to one of the most popular deep-house DJ’s on this planet - Project Pablo. Stay out late and catch the sounds of DJ superstar and Studio Barnhus affiliate - Baba Stiltz. Throughout the day and night there will be house and techno served by this long list of artists.

BABA STILTZ (XL Recordings)

For the last few years, Baba Stiltz been making highly idiosyncratic dance music with pop lubed melodies and a notion for youthful exuberance. Baba has afforded himself an uncommon amount of creative freedom, and often seems unafraid to step outside the scene's conventions. The only artist to release on Sven Vath’s Cocoon with the infectious “All I can (about you)” and OVO, Baba Stiltz is a contemporary force to be reckoned with.

From his base in Stockholm, working alongside artists who share his love for the left-field—Kornél Kovács, Axel Boman from Studio Barnhus, Samo DJ and artists like Yung Sherman from the hip-hop collective Sad Boys. Stiltz is now embedded in the international dance music community, playing clubs and festivals around the world from Fabric to Berghain. His aesthetic is hard to define, but he works on a scale with tender sincerity at one end, and great humour at the other.


Project Pablo (Patrick Holland) is a Musician and DJ out of Montreal, Canada. Over the years he has released a wide array of records, spanning energy levels from bed time to peak time, gaining fans all over the world and has established himself as one of the most sought after deep house DJ’s on the planet!

While his LP efforts “I Want to Believe” and “Come to Canada You Will Like it” aim to soothe, the EP’s reveal clubbier euphoric elements; as heard through 2018’s “Hope You’re Well”, via Technicolour, and 2016’s “One For Some”, via Clone. Outside of solo endeavours, Holland co-pilots the record labels ‘ASL Singles Club’ and ‘SOBO’, all while collaborating with friends under the monikers Jump Source, Rest Corp and 2 Responsible. 2019 sees Holland turning focus to his own imprint Verdicchio Music Publishing with a string of solo records, as well as a new found catalogue reserved for Jump Source’s creations.

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2020-05-30 17:00



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