English Rose Songs & Stories From The 40S

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"English rose songs & stories from the 40s" is a show based on real life stories from WWII tied together by musical pearls from the era.The vocal harmony group 3s Company consists of performers Kimberley Akester, Faye Austin-Nordin and Erika Dittmer, all solo singers with international credits who started singing together as a group in 2008. Since then they have performed at numerous private events and concerts.This show is their first musical theatre piece based on their respective families history from the second world war. "English rose songs & stories from the 40s" is written and directed by Colleen Clayton.Together on stage with Kimberley, Faye and Erika will be musicians Tobias Johansson (keyboard) and Jonas Olofsson (base).The show runs approx. 60 minutes without an interval and is mainly performed in English.A drink of choice and a light snack are included in the ticket price.

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2019-11-09 19:30



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