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Them Dirty Roses (US)

The Southside Cavern, Pub Southside

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The Southside Cavern
Tisdag 8 oktober
Förköp: 120 SEK
Biljetter i dörren: 150 SEK
Dörrar: 19.00
Konsert fr.: 20.00

För den hungrige, boka bord på: 08-669 50 52

Born and raised in the Bama clay, these boys are as southern as they come. Taught how to bend a string and break a heart by Skynyrd and Hank, brothers James and Frank Ford along with their hometown friends Andrew Davis and Ben Crain formed the southern rock band known as Them Dirty Roses. Piling into an RV with their belongings, their instruments, and all the whiskey they could carry (in the cooler), they made their way from Gadsden, AL to Nashville, TN. All living all under one roof, Them Dirty Roses are a living example of the quintessential rock and roll American Dream. Their live show calls for a shot of whiskey and a 2 for 1 special -- BUT what that really means is you better be ready to throw back 12 for 6 and shake it with Them Dirty Roses.

Vocals + Guitar / James Ford
Guitar / Andrew Davis
Bass / Ben Crain
Drums / Frank Ford

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2019-10-08 19:00



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